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Sailing Modern Java

When I have time to talk about Java for more than one hour, it’s a Deep Dive (I call it “What’s new and noteworthy?") When I have less than forty minutes, we can barely touch the surface, hence it’s called then “Surfing Modern Java”. Anything in between, like regular-size talk, is more than surfing, but less than deep dive, hence “Sailing Modern Java”.

For such a talk I usually cover one or two latest releases, sometimes mentioning what’s ahead of us, trying to sneak in as many code demos as I can.

An abstract may look like this:

Another (half a) year has passed, another major Java™ version has been released. Java was supposed “to be slow”. However, Java turns out to evolve so fast, that next releases aren’t just version bumps, but might significantly change the rules of the game. That’s a good reason to check out what’s new in Java. We’re going to cover some features of recent Java versions:

  • Pattern matching with instanceof A.K.A. Smart casting
  • Sealed classes, new dimension of types extensibility (for inheritance)
  • Warnings from Jigsaw (–illegal-access strikes back!)
  • And Valhalla (for value-based classes abuse)
  • New GCs
  • and mode

So far I had the pleasure to give this talk e.g. at Devoxx Poland, GeeCON Prague, VirtualJUG or PentaBar.

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