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Java 21. What's new and noteworthy??

Hey, there are two major Java versions released every year! We don’t have to wait 3 years or so for new features anymore. Isn’t that cool? 😉

Java was supposed “to be slow”. However, Java turns out to evolve so fast, that next releases aren’t just version bumps, but might significantly change the rules of the game. That’s a good reason to check out what’s new in Java.

To name a few changes:

  • Virtual Threads,
  • Pattern Matching for switch,
  • Record Patterns,
  • Structured Concurrency,
  • String Templates,
  • what’s gone and what will be gone,
  • and other stuff.

If you find them interesting, let’s dive deep together into new interesting stuff.

So far this talk has been given (in a not-so-deep-deep-dive format) at Warszawa JUG and Wroclaw JUG.

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