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Java. Migrating to 11 in real app

It’s (post) Java 11 time now. (Just in case your boss didn’t notice ;-))
In this talk, I’d like to tell you how I managed to migrate two real Java server apps to Java 11 and show some demos.
Why was it done?
How to convince the business?
What and how was done?
What wasn’t required?
Does anyone read licenses, manuals, and talks' descriptions?
Where did I fail in the first approach?
Was it worth it?
Some hints for you.

This talk (in various formats) has been presented at Devoxx Poland, Devoxx Ukraine, Devoxx Belgium, CodeMotion Milan, Java Developer Days, CoffeeJUG Lviv, 4Developers, Wrocław JUG and others.

This talk was:

  • voted as one of Devoxx Poland 2019 Top 10 talks
  • awarded 3rd best talk of Devoxx Ukraine 2019
  • ranked as 2nd best Java talk of 4Developers 2019

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