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Java 15. What's new and noteworthy?

Another (half a) year has passed, another major Java™ version has been released. Java was supposed “to be slow”. However, Java turns out to evolve so fast, that next releases aren’t just version bumps, but might significantly change the game rules. That’s a good reason for another deep dive in Java. We’re going to cover:

  • Production ready GCs: ZGC and Shenandoah, if you don’t like ice ages
  • Text blocks, which make Strings easy to declare also for non-liners
  • Pattern matching with instanceof A.K.A. Smart casting
  • Records, where and how to use them, apart from DTO/VO
  • Sealed classes, new dimension of types visibility (for inheritance)
  • Hidden classes, which are so hidden, that they can’t even use themselves
  • Foreign memory access, for some off-the-heap data
  • Helpful NPE messages, which make chasing nulls easier than ever

And of course removed, deprecated and tuned stuff (bye bye Nashorn). All visualised in actual code, not just slides.

So far this presentation has been delivered (as a Deep Dive) in Polish only, for WarszawaJUG. Unfortunately, during the streaming there were some… resolution challenges ;-)

That’s why if you’d like to see my screen only (no organisers' slides and talking heads), it’s possible as well: the FullHD recording has been published on YT.

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