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Integration tests are needed and simple

The pyramids in Egypt were built in ancient times. We still admire them today, appreciating the craftsmanship and hard work of their builders. However, do we build houses from giant stone blocks today? Not likely, current times bring other needs and offer other technologies.

Pyramids of testing were also built some time ago. We admire legacy projects with a rich set of tests, but do we create projects today the same way we did 10-15-20 years ago? If not, why do we still want to test them the same way?

Maybe the shape of today’s projects' tests should no longer resemble a pyramid? Our needs are different, and the possibilities, thanks to the Testcontainers family of libraries, have also advanced a lot.

If you have a feeling that integration testing can bring a lot to your project, but somehow you haven’t had the chance to get acquainted with Testcontainers so far, or you’re afraid that it’s just “magic for top developers”, this lecture is for you.

We will quickly, easily and pleasantly rearrange the pyramids of our times 😉

I was able to give this talk few events already, like: GeeCON Poland, Devoxx UK, Devoxx Poland, JNation, etc. More conferences and events will follow ;-)

I’m also pleased and honoured that this talk made it to TOP10 talks at Devoxx UK 2023.

Recording from Devoxx UK:

Recording from JNation PT:

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