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SDKMAN! - more


During my trainings and lectures, I get asked “but how do you switch Java so fast?” or even “it’s possible to have several versions of Java on your computer at the same time?!” Sure it is!

The way is very simple: use SDKMAN! I use it almost every day, it comes in handy not only during lectures about the latest versions of Java, but in ordinary daily work when you need to check “how it works on another version”.

To make the life of my students easier, as a prework for my “Modern Java” training / workshop, I recorded a short mini-tutorial about the SDK Manager. (Un)fortunately, it is encrypted in Polish, therefore I published it in the Polish part of my page. Maybe it’s still useful with the automatic translation, who knows? ;-)

[ I was pretty sure the second part was published a few months ago. Well, apparently it wasn’t. ]

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